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How does the rose from Rose d’Anvers stay fresh so long?

Natural flowers undergo a preservation process to maintain the appearance and texture of a fresh product despite the passage of time. The flowers do not belong to any protected species?

How should I handle the rose?

Avoid humidity, direct sunlight and hand contact with the petals. The rose will retain its beauty and appearance.

Should I water the rose?


Is there a guarantee on my rose?

We guarantee the rose is of the highest quality and provide you with a certificate for the diamonds. However, you remain responsible for the sustainability of the rose. Again, we strongly recommend not to touch the rose petals

What about delivery when I need lots of roses for my clients during special occasions?

We understand that during special occasions such as the Christmas period or Valentine’s day demand will be high. Please keep in mind a delivery time of 6 weeks. Personalised decoration for weddings have a delivery time of 4 weeks.

Is transportation included in the wholesale price?

No, we separately account for transport costs over the wholesale price of the diamond roses. Of course we provide the best transport and associated insurance policies that are needed to be able to deliver the roses in good condition to your home or office.

What if the client comes back with a broken rose or with fallen diamonds?

For the moment the roses are supplied in good condition to your home/office. Once the roses are accepted in good condition and they satisfy the product description the client cannot return them.

Do you also sell roses with stems or a bouquet of roses?

Not for the moment, but we are working towards making this possible. We are constantly investing in research and development to create products which meet the whole range of customer needs.

Can I distribute the roses myself?

Yes, if you fulfil all the Rose d’Anvers compliance conditions. You can make an appointment at our headquarters in Antwerp.

My company is not in Belgium, can you export the roses to my country?

Yes, if your country allows roses to be imported.

Can I add my own jewellery creation in the space inside the package under the name Rose d’Anvers?

If you want your own jewellery creation to be sold in the box then you will need formal approval to check if your jewelry meets all the requirements drawn up by Rose d’Anvers.