For the new Rose D’ Anvers bespoke jewellery line The Rose
d’Anvers Board turned to Antwerp Master jewellery designer
and goldsmith Mike Rombout.

Mike Rombout, enormously talented, second generation craftsman with 25 years’ experience of the entire creative process from rough polishing to jewellery design, is head designer of Rose D’Anvers. One of Antwerp’s top designers, Rombout has crafted 2 collections of jewellery for Rose D’Anvers, the CONTEMPORARY COLLECTION and the ROSE D’ANVERS ONE-OF-A-KIND EXTRAORDINARY collection.

The materials

In line with Rose D’ Anvers’ core philosophy of “nothing but the best”, Mike Rombout selects the finest jewellery making materials including palladium white gold to craft Rose D’ Anvers jewellery. Always using the finest quality, purest precious metals, Mike Rombout guarantees uncompromised artistry, perfectly appropriate for both new enthusiasts and aficionados to build their jewellery collection.

The diamonds

The diamonds used are rose cuts, small brilliants and eight-cuts, all polished to the finest standards of make and purity. Refusing to cut costs by using inferior materials and in line with its One-OF-A-Kind ethos Rose D’Anvers always sets superb stones to decorate its exceptional jewellery designs resulting in strikingly authentic, collectible jewels.

Craftsmanship & Antwerp

All Rose D’Anvers jewellery pieces are handcrafted in the Antwerp atelier of master goldsmith and designer Mike Rombout, located near the heart of Antwerp’s diamond square mile and in line-of-sight of Antwerp’s famous Central Station. Rose-cut diamonds reflect a long history having been polished since the 16th century. With a flat base and a crown composed of triangular facets, the classic rose cut is circular in outline.

Shipped from India to Antwerp and Amsterdam where the symmetry of the stones was often improved and facets were added, rose cut diamonds Rose-cut diamonds were regularly used in exclusive jewellery pieces purchased by Royals.

Today, Rose D’Anvers jewellery celebrates almost 600 years of diamond polishing in Antwerp and the city’s extraordinary diamond skills together with the rich symbolism of the rose that is an integral part of the coat of arms of the City of Antwerp. Rose D’Anvers commissions very small, 24 facet rose cut diamonds to be polished in its own workshop in Gujarat, India.

Meticulous precision work is needed to perfectly polish the very small stones of 0.01 per carat. All the larger rose-cut diamonds are however polished in Antwerp in order to oversee the entire production process of these stones. Similarly, all signature cuts are polished in Antwerp to achieve perfect cut and symmetry.

Rose D’ Anvers turns to the finest craftsmen for every aspect of its creations proudly celebrating proud, passionate, dedicated craftsmanship.

A forerunner of the round brilliant, the rose cut’s distinctive character has long been popular because of its authentic, vintage look. Antwerp has long shone as a center of creativity in polishing, pioneering different cuts and innovating polishing technology.

The rose, mysterious awakening after 500 years…

By setting the 500 year-old rose cut diamond in its contemporary jewellery line Rose D’ Anvers gives voice and visibility to human talent. The ability of mankind to shape a better world through human wit, wisdom and imagination, promises progress and a brighter future, notwithstanding the double-edged sword of the new digital universe.

Celebrating something special

A celebration of one of nature’s hardest materials, diamond, and one of its softest textures, the rose, Rose D’Anvers jewels represent exquisite craftsmanship, inspiring design and diamond heritage and iconography.


A selection from the Rose D’Anvers CONTEMPORARY or ONE-
OF-A-KIND‘s jewellery is a bold and exciting edition to any
jewellery collection that will lift the spirits, always bring a
smile and sparkle with originality.

Sculptor Yan Shufen – Diamond Silk Road project

The original Rose D’Anvers flower, decorated with tiny sparkling diamonds, has been displayed to great appreciation in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, Russia, Dubai, Japan, London, Italy, Spain, Germany, Monaco, Hollywood, Prague, Jerusalem, South Africa, Congo, Singapore, Brazil and Canada.

Rose d’Anvers is delighted to have teamed with Mike Rombout, much admired task master of excellence, whose commitment to superb quality in jewellery making is creating world-class, collectible Rose D’Anvers pieces.


Contemporary Collection Rosa

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Contemporary Collection Rosa

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Contemporary Collection Rosa

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Contemporary Collection Rosa

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